For the restless, not the peaceful sleeping

Tyrion Lannister Appreciation: [Day 3] Colors → Black & Gold


Photographer Reveals the Lonely Side of Superheroes

Photographer Benoit Lapray’s photo series, “The Quest for Absolute" focuses on the loneliness of famous superheroes, set in the beautiful, yet desolate landscape of the French Alps.

Q: Dragons or direwolves?

→ W H E N   T H E   L I O N   F A L L S

we are a fleet now
our prows zeroing in

praying in the wind
to spin like haywire compasses

toward whichever direction
will have us

Kazim Ali, from “Sleep Door” (via the-final-sentence)


I’ve now accepted the fact that I will die in a pile of unread books.

Peter Hale meme → favourite OTP
"Because Lydia Martin is not only beautiful, not only incredibly intelligent. She’s immune.”